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The siege of Morkondon was the final battle between the Danish-Swedish forces and the Vinlandic revolutionaries. This battle took place on October 11th, And caused 1,500 casualties.

The battle started at dawn on October 11th, when a force of 5,000 Vinish troops appeared on the horizon. The Danish-Swedish forces moved into fort Morkondon, taking as much supply's with them possible. the fort was built in 3 layers, so the leaders positioned 1,400 troops in the first layer, with 1,500 in each consecutive layer. however, after further consideration, 600 troops were moved back, and split between The next two layers. The reasoning Behind this was that in case the first layer was taken, troops could be spared to remove the attackers from the first layer. This proved to be a huge mistake.

The attack began at 9:00 local time, And 3,500 troops charged. The attack was on the East side of the fort, so the Danish-Swedish troops were directed to that area. In a predictable yet effective maneuver, The remaining Vinish troops attacked the north side of the fort, penetrating it. By 10:26, the entire first Layer was taken, and a counter attack had already been successfully repelled. The Vinish soldiers were ready to move on.

in the end, they did not even need to. Because the fort was loaded In such haste, most of supplies were still in the outer layer. The troops realized this, and by 12:37 they were surrendering en masse. This battle marked the end of the vinlandic war for independence, And the beginning of Vinland as an independent nation.