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Siege of Mecca (Fidem Pacis)

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Ali's Persian War

Siege of Mecca

4 April 638


12 July 638


Mecca, Talibid Caliphate


Siege abandoned after three months


Sassanid Empire

Talibid Caliphate


Yazdegerd III
Rostam Farrokhzad

Ali ibn Abu Talib
Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas


c. 25,000

c. 4000

Casualties and Losses



The Siege of Mecca occurred in 638 during the Persian invasion of Arabia in retaliation for the Talibid Caliphate sponsoring an uprising in the province of Lakhmia.

Having pinned the bulk of the Caliphate's army in the north, along with its best general, Khalid ibn al-Walid, a Persian army under general Rostam Farrokhzad was able to march along the coast and subjugate Bahrain, Muscat and Hadramut without facing much opposition. In late 637 Rostam defeated an Abyssinian army at the Battle of Abyan and thereby cleared the way through the Yemen. Leaving a small force to take control of the area, he marched north toward Mecca.

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