Siege of Grenada

The Siege of Grenada (1190-1192) was what many conceived as the end of Islamic influence in Europe. The Spanish caliphate was corrupt, and many of their soldiers had gone to save the Holy Land.

The Spanish, seizing on this opportunity, united and overran most of the nation. Until they reached Grenada.

The Muslims there were trying to hold of Spanish soldiers so that Muslim civilians could evacuate. In order to do this, they used every delaying action they could. In the meantime, the heavy Spanish casualties were considered a plus.

But, Spanish numbers eventually overwhelmed the defenders, and, the day Grenada's wall was breached, the Muslims set fire to the city and fled across the Strait of Gibraltar into North Africa. This last action saved what was left of the army. However, the treasures they had were not burned, so the rulers took them, and Spain became richer. With their wealth, they changed Seville into a very enormous city. They started to build Muslim, Roman and Spanish style buildings that later became big as three Tokyos.

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