Siege of Gateshead (Napoleon's World)

American soldiers entering Gateshead

Date December 29th, 1955-February 24th, 1956
Location Gateshead, England
Result Decisive Allied victory

Surrender of EWA forces


Flag of England English Republican Army

US flag 48 stars United States of America

EWA Flag2English Workers Army


Flag of EnglandJames H. Wooster

US flag 48 starsGeorge Holmes

EWA Flag2Phillip Baxley

The Siege of Gateshead was the last major engagement of the English Anarchy, when English Republican Army forces aided by American reinforcements attacked the EWA stronghold at Gateshead and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The fighting, which began in late December 1955 and ended on February 24, 1956, resulted in nearly 58,000 total casualties for the EWA, against about 23,500 for the Allied forces. It resulted in the surrender of Phillip Baxley, the last EWA general, and the surrender of almost 40,000 EWA soldiers on February 24th, a day almost universally acclaimed Stability Day.

The engagement at Gateshead is noted for its violent nature and the disastrous Whitburn Landings attempted by the United States Marine Corps, as well as the first serious aerial bombardment by the English Republican Air Force's new fleet of planes. While an EWA remnant would hold out in Rochester until April, the battle at Gateshead is regarded as the end of the Anarchy.