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Part of the Second Russo-Turkish War

Siege of Belgrade

15 September 1789


8 October 1789


Belgrade, Serbia,


Austrian Victory


Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austria

TurkeyOttoman Empire


Flag of the Habsburg MonarchyErnst Gideon von Laudon

TurkeyAhmed Telsha Katun




Casualties and Losses



The Siege of Belgrade, lasting from 15 September to 8 October 1789 was a decisive victory for the Austrian-Russian army during the Second Russo-Turkish War. After holding back the Austrians for three weeks the Austrians stormed the fortress, driving the Ottomans out.


The Russo-Turkish War began in 1787 when war was declared between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Austria, allied with Russia, came to its aid. In the first months of the war the Ottomans advanced through the Austrian lines, driving defenders out of Manat. An Austrian army was moved through Serbia and Transylvania, beating back small Ottoman skirmishers. In fall of 1789 Ernest Gideon von Laudon took control of the main Austrian army in Moldavia, entering Ottoman Bosnia.


The siege last three weeks, ending in a large assault on 8 October. The remaining Ottoman garrison was slaughtered in the unsuccessful retreat. Austrian presence would remain in the area until the end of the war.

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