Siege of Arce

May 21, 1799




French Victory, Treaty of Jerusalem


Flag of FranceFrance

Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flag of TurkeyOttoman Empire


Flag of FranceNapoleon

Flag of the United KingdomWilliam Sydney Smith

Flag of TurkeyJezzar Pasha


13,000 men

13 ships of the line

4 frigates

4,000 total after reinforcements

HMS Theseus

HMS Tigre

Casualties and Losses

1,521 killed

2,212 killed

The Siege of Arce of 1799 was an successful French siege of the Ottoman-defended wall city of Arce, and was the battle that brought the Ottoman Empire to the negotiating table, and the withdrawal of British forces from the Middle East.

In present-day Arce, very little of the fortifications that stood against the French remained, and the place where Napoleon set up his camp is offically called "Napoleon's Hill", and an street in Jerusalem was named Napoleon, and is currently the only street in the Middle East to be named that.

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