The Siddharthist Republic
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: South African Coast
Dark blue sun flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
The siddharthists and their settlements
Location of the Siddharthist Republic
(and largest city)
Demonym Siddharthan
Government Republic
  legislature Council of Siddharthang

The Foundation of the Siddharthist Republic

The Siddharthist Republic was established after a purge of Buddhists from The Maurya Empire. These Buddhists were not welcomed in any of the Empires of Africa. Even the Satavahana believed that they were a traiterous lot who were seeking to spy on the Satavahana. The Zulu and the Bantu were similarly disposed to them but for their constant attempts at conversion. They were given small, and ghetto-like, areas to reside in the outskirts of Bantu cities but eventually were driven out entirely. They followed their way down to a city they believed was a glorious new site. There they met many people who were much more open to their religious practices. This group of people, because they had become so distinct from the Buddhists, became known as Siddharthists. Their teachings centered around words and records of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

This new site was named Siddharthang, after their prophen Siddhartha, and they managed to assert their domination over the region by organizing an army. This army, rag tag as it was, conquered a native Africa tribe known as the Xhosa. A similar fate befell the other tribes and the people aroudn the Orange River. The Siddharthists ended up finding vast mines of resources and gold, which proved tremendously beneficial to the Siddharthist economy. The Siddharthis had a King at first, upon their arrival, but after his death power fell back into the hands of the Council of Siddharthang. This body was centered and established around the original families and though they were a Buddhist country, there was still heavy and clear divides between the rich and the poor.

Leaders of the Council fo Siddharthang

Jahangir 1087-1123 (370 AD)


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