Sicilian Flag.svg
The Exiles
Largest city Tunis
Official languages Sicilian, Arabic
Regional Languages Italian
Demonym Sicilian
 -  King Charles VII
 -  Prime Minister Rosario Crocetta
Legislature Senate
 -  Coronation of Roger II 1130 
 -  Independence from Napoleon 1810 
Currency Sicilian piastra (SCP)
Time zone UTC
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the Right
Sicily, officially the Kingdom of Sicily is a nation located in the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. Sicily is bordered on all sides by the Roman Empire. Although the Kingdom of Sicily was formed in 1130, modern Sicily came about in 1810 after the invasion of Aragon. The claimants to the Aragonese crown fled to Sicily, where they were also kings, and continued to lay claim to Aragon. At the Potsdam Congress, Napoleon agreed to recognized Sicily as an independent nation as long as they abandoned the claim to Aragon. Thus, modern Sicily was created.

Although Sicily was formed in opposition to the Bonapartes, the small island nation quickly found themselves allied with their neighbors out of necessity due to the threat of Ottoman invasion. In the 20th century, Sicily was invaded by its mainland neighbor Italy and occupied for several years. Sicily was freed by Arcadian troops in 1944.