Repubblica socialista d'Italia
Timeline: Dutch Superpower

OTL equivalent: Southern Italy
Flag of Italy (European Victory) Flag of the Kingdom of Sicily
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Naples & Rome
Language Italian
Religion Francoist Catholicism
Government Parliamentary Republic
First Minister Mario Monti
Area 140,562 sq km km²
Population 45,897,000 
Established 1957

The Republic of Italy is one of two successor states to the Italian Kingdom formed by Garibaldi in the 1860's. It was formed as a council of Union leaders who sought to impose Francoist rule on Italy in the face of the Failure of Benito Mussolini to retain control of the strikes and the unions. It nearly succeeded in establishing a republic across the whole of Italy in the 1960's but was foiled by the NSA and Germany.

Since the fall of the Francoist regime in Spain it is the last state in the world that follows Francoist ideals although ironically it has undergone a move towards democracy since the 1990's when Republican troops seized Rome and used the city as a rallying point to install a democratic system. It is now a member of the NSA and a strong ally of its former enemies who see it as a useful tool to keep the Papist northern Italians in check.

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