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Republic of Sicily
Timeline: Wasteland Europe

OTL equivalent: Sicily
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Palermo
Largest city Naples
Other cities Catania, Messina, Syracuse
  others Griko,Grecanico,Arbereshe,Franco-Proveçal,Croatian
Christianity (Catholic)
  others Judaism
Government Federal Republic
King Finocchiaro Aprile

The Republic of Sicily (Italian and Sicilian: Sicilia) is situated on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of the Italian Peninsula. It was joined with the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. The Allies invaded Sicily in 1943. Along with the allied invasion of invasion came a revitalization of the Mafia that, for the first years, flourished but was later almost eradicated.



The Kingdom of Two Sicilies, which had control over the island of Sicily and southern Italy, was annexed by the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1860 and Sicily was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy. Sicily was a part of the Kingdom of Italy until after WWII.


In WWII, Sicily was part of Italy and under Mussolini's control. The Allies invaded Sicily on July 9, 1943. By August 17, 1943 Sicily was under control of the Allies.


After WWII Italy dismembered in three states,and the south was one of them.The southerners choose a republic for their state.For the first years, the Mafia flourished but was later almost eradicated.As of now, Sicily is a medium-small country, with an economy based on agriculture and some industry mainly in Puglia, Campania and Sicilia. The country has an authoritarian form of democracy.

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