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SichaunDDCoA SichaunDDflag
Flag Coat of Arms
Sichuan in Light blue. Sky blue is Sphere of Influence.
Capital Mianyang
Largest city Mianyang
Other cities Nanchong, Dazhou, Luzhou, Guangyuan, Garze, and several others.
Language Sinchuanese
Religion Buddhism
Premier Jiang Jufeng
Chief Minister Qin Yuqin
Population 53,150,000 (Feb 2010 est) 

The Eternal Republic of Sichuan is the strongest state outside Socialist Siberia in China, perhaps including Socialist Siberia. In terms of population, it is the largest, nearly twice the number of the next. It was founded in 1986, by several high ranking party members who survived Doomsday. Three years later, a revolution lasting two months overthrew the government. It is today a democracy.



Sichuan was, under the Republic of Chinas, part of the Xikang province. However, when the PRC took over, it was abolished. Much of the province was split up. Later, in the droughts of 1959-1961, another 9.4 million died. Still, as doomsday hit, it was among the top three provinces in China in terms of population.


When Doomsday hit, nearly 20 million were killed immediately in the nuking of Chengdu and Chongqing. Over the next 10 years, despite the establishment of a stable government and democracy, another 30 million died due to starvation, as the population was concentrated into the eastern half of the province, while most of the food was grown in the western. However, by 1994, the government had recovered enough to launch extensive campaigns to seize the unoccupied land and send men to farm it. The Tibetan farmers in the region had mainly fled to Tibet, and the arable land was unfarmed. By 1995, the food shortage was ended.

In 1989, the first external contact- with Yunann- was established, but due to Yunnan's communist policies and harsh dictatorship, it was fairly hostile. The next contact, in 1990- with Tibet- was much less hostile, as were the meetings with Gansu (1994), the NPRC (1996), and Guangxi (1997). However, in 1999, the first contact with the PRC was established, an event nearly leading to war.

Contact with the outside world was established in 2004. As the single most populated state in all of China- and perhaps the most powerful- it was not ignored, though it also was not well known, being in the middle of China. However, thanks to the development of an air service and radios, better contact has been established.

Modern Sichuan





External Relations and Influence

Internal Affairs

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