The Sican Bible is a holy book in the Church of The Sicans. It is divided into the Old Province (stories from before 118 BCE, with much less factual basis) and the New Province (stories from 118 BCE on, which have more factual basis).

Old Province

The Old Province was officially recorded and published in 118 BCE by King Palermos. The books are:

Book 1-The Creation of Earth Book 2-The Men Before Men (Gods) Book 3-The War of the Sun and Moon Book 4-The Powerful Creatures Before Humans Book 5-The Humans Are Given Life Book 6-The Gods give Sicily to the Sicans Book 7-The War of the Gods Book 8-The Six Tribes are Created Book 9-The Bridge to the Heavens and the Milennium of Darkness Book 10-The Serpeant King (Sea-Peoples) Book 11-The Snail King (Phoenicians) Book 12-The Many-Dog Kings (Greeks) Book 13-The Freedom after the Tyrants Book 14-The War of Maintaining God's Freedom (300 BCE, Sicily vs. Carthage) Book 15-The Brotherhood of the Tribes Book 16-The Godly Demand of Unison

New Province

The New Province was and still is updated. The first book was from 118 BCE. The Cuchai has the authority to approve a book.

Book 1-The God's Rainbow of Six Colors creates a Nation of Six Tribes Book 2-The Formation of the Church Book 3-The Cuchai and King Palermos Book 4-The War of the King, Grios Book 5-The Brothers Part (Sican Diaspora) Book 6-The Oracle at Ephelos Book 7-The Green Tribe Vanishes Book 8-The Tribe of the Dome and Hill Part in the Mountains Book 9-The Wind Oracle Book 10-The General of An-Dues Creates a New Eastern Empire Book 11-The Tribe of the Hill Divides Book 12-The Evil Age Book 13-The King's Son Rebuilds a Lost Kingdom (Consteto)

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