Sibylla of Anhalt
Duchess of Glocester
Spouse William, Duke of Glocester
Issue William, 2nd Duke of Glocester

Sibylla of Clarence
Isabel of Clarence
Sophia of Clarence
Philippa of Clarence
Jasper of Clarence
Emma of Clarence
Daniel of Clarence
Catherine of Clarence
Thomas of Clarence
Clemence of Clarence
Dorothy of Clarence

Father Joachim Ernest, Prince of Anhalt
Mother Agnes of Barby-Mühlingen
Born 28 September 1564
Died 26 October 1614 (aged 50)
Hatfield House, England
Religion Protestant

Sibylla of Anhalt (28 September 1564 - 26 October 1614) was the Duchess of Glocester as the wife of William, 1st Duke of Glocester. She replaced Anna of Sweden as the intended bride when the Swedish princess decided against the marriage.

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