Republic of Siberia
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1983- Succeeded by
Flag of Russia N/A
Siberian Flag VINW Siberia VINW COA
Flag of the Republic of Siberia Seal of the Republic of Siberia
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Siberia is a region in upper Asia. It gained independence from the Russian Empire in 1983 after people saw the upper regions of China gain independence. It was gained during a peaceful referendum, where 64% of the public voted for independence.

Today, it's government is a relatively stable republic, but is very far behind on technology. The Russians didn't bother to move their tech to the ends of their empire, which has left Siberia with 1910's technology (OTL 2020's).

It uses a parliamentary system, and is built off of the Vinlandic and New English governments. However, due to the amount of nomads and tribes in the area, it isn't very efficient. Because of this, their presidents serve for life. There have been two Siberian Presidents so far.

  1. Panteleimon Aliyev 1983-1998
  2. Araki Oono 1998-

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