Siberia, officially the Kingdom of Siberia, is one of the three exile states of Europe that has not been conquered and the exile state of Russia. It occupies what is now Central Siberia, bordered by France to the west, China to the south, and Japan to the east. It lies in one of the world's coldest areas, thus it lacks important agriculture land, forcing it to import food from other countries. Although this nation is nicknamed the "Russian Nation", more Russian people live outside the country (especially in the United States, China, France, and Japan) due to the internal calamity it endured over the years.

Siberia was found by Russian boyars that refused the recognize Napoleon's rule over the country. He tried to invade it, but the coming winter forced him to turn back. Some historians call this day for Siberia Independence Day.

Siberia, although trying to catch up through the test of time, experienced political and internal discontent. Resistence to serfdom spread across the low class. Corruption was everywhere. Due to this situation, it lost land to America, China, Japan, and France, reducing the size of the country to a rump state. \

During the mid-20th Century, Siberia endured a massive period of chaos known as the Anarchy, when numerous factions attempted to seize power in the country. Eventually, the Freedom for the People's Party one the country, and began a period of political and internal stabilizing.

Today, SIberia has become much better than its previous decades, though problems, such as poverty and crime, remain legacies of the chaos.

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