Xāṇācạkr h̄æ̀ng s̄yām thịy
Kingdom of Siam
Embassador Flag of Thailand Coat of Arms of Siam (1873-1910)
Thai: ว่าผู้ชายคนนั้นเป็นบ้านเกิดของ

(Let the man guide the people)

Siam (Great Poland)
Siam in South-East Asia
Capital Bangkok (9,880,000 inh.)
Largest City Bangkok (9,880,000 inh.)
Official Language
  • Thai.
  • Malay.
Government Type
-Prime Minister
  • Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).
  • Sukhumbhand Paribatra.
-Rattanakosin Kingdom.
-Dhadvhi Constitution
  • 1782
  • 1952
Area 805,208 sq km
Population 156,802,000 inh.
GDP Nominal Turkish lira symbol black 4,456 trillion (8th)
GDP PPP Turkish lira symbol black 5,786 trillion (7th)
HDI 0.912
HDI Rank 9th (very high)
Currency Baht ฿
Demonym Siamese.
Administrative Divisions 85 provinces.
  • Buddhism 82.1%
  • Islam 15.8%
  • Others 2.1%
Armed Forces 287 thousand active troops.

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