Homeplanet Shuiana
Sentience Sentient
Language Shui language
Mass 70-100 kg
Height 1.7-2.2 meters
Skin color Light to dark brown
Hair color •White
•Grey (aging)
Distinctions Aquatic humanoids with scaly or smooth tails, capable of breathing underwater and on land
Lifespan 100 years
Famous members Jen Shuya
Queen Shuriyana
The Shuianas, commonly called "merpeople", "mermaids" or "mermen" are an aquatic species of humanoids native to the planet Shuiana.

Biology and Appearance

Shuianas are aquatic humanoids, they are classified as mammals, they do not lay eggs. Their upper bodies are identically to humans. Their tails are scaly or smooth. They live underwater for most of the time but when they need to reproduce they need to go on land, where their tails transform into legs by The Force. They are exceptional swimmers, capable of swimming more than 100 km an hour. They are perfectly able to breathe on land. Some Shuianas are able to manipulate The Force, mostly for aquatic feats. A few Shuianas have become Sendi, carrying special lightsabers that are able to operate underwater. Shuianas are considered very beautiful throughout the entire universe. Shuianas are warm blooded beings. Their evolution is unclear, they are possible descended from both primates and fish. Shuianas live on average 100 years.

Society and Culture

Shuianas are traditionally a matriarchal society, though men and women were always equal, women are traditionally the family heads and most politicians and monarchs have been female. Many people have described the Shuianas as one of the friendliest and most helpful species in the universe. Shuianas are very caring and do not hesitate to help a stranger of another species, sometimes even bringing themselves in danger. They are, however, not pacifist, being prepared to fight if needed and do so very well. Children are born on land but are immediately brought underwater. They are educated in primary education until the age of 12 or 11. They are then free to choose their primary subject of education such as math or culture. When they are 18 or 17, they are allowed but not required to follow tertiary education to refine in many subjects of their choice. Families and close friends are close and do most things together.