Union of Monarchist Shugarhai States
Shugarhaiska Monarkistiska Staternas Union
Flag of the Shugarhai Union Greater coat of arms of Shugarhai Union
Flag Coat of arms

Förenade i mångfalden
"United in diversity"


Till glädjen
"Ode to Joy"

Location of Shugarhai Union (dark green)
Largest city
Official languages 32 languages
Religion Protestant Christianity
Demonym European
Shugarhai (informal)
Government Federal Shugarist absolute monarchy
Emperor of All Europe
- Oscar III
President of the European Commission
- Jean-Claude Juncker
Secretary General
- Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen
President of the European Council
- Donald Tusk
- Total 7,534,750 km²

The Union of Monarchist Shugarhai States (Swedish: Shugarhaiska Monarkistiska Staternas Union), abbreviated to UMSS (Swedish: SMSU) or shortened to the Shugarhai Union (Swedish: Shugarhaiunionen), or simply known as Europe, is a federal Shugarist empire, primarily located in Europe and composed of 12 MSEs, 18 MSKs, an MSD and MSP, 13 autonomous states and 14 overseas territories, as well as including five states' governments in-exile that were formally ruled over Great Britain. The total 32 contiguous states are in the European continent, while all overseas territories are outside Europe, scattering about Africa, the Indian Ocean and Middle East. Because Europe is home to many large European cultures and birthplace of Western civilization, the Shugarhai Union is now the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nation in the world after the United States due to the unification of countries in Europe into a single superpower.

The Shugarhai Union had its roots in the middle of World War II. Originally, it was proposed in 1910 by Erich von Schweetz, with its mission to establish the strongest and economical state in the world with name "Shugarhai Union" but it was later cancelled in 1919, in which First Swedish Empire was replaced by the Kingdom of Sweden. On 1 January 1943, the Shugarhai Union was formed with unification of seven Shugarist states. Following the formation, the Shugarhai Union defeated Nazi Germany and its occupied zones and allies in Europe, ending with capturing Berlin in 1945. The territory overtaken by Shugarists are annexed into Shugarhai Union, forming many new MSEs and MSKs based on areas that were populated by other ethnic groups. The Cold War emerged in 1949, as the Shugarhai Union annexed Iberia and Ireland into their empire and the US banned Shugarist products. The Shugarhai Union also allied with Shugarist Japan, Korea and Morocco, forming the Shugarist bloc. After being testing its first nuclear bomb in Svalbard, the Shugarist Bloc defeated China in Shugarist Invasion of China after dropping atomic bombs on Shanghai and Guangzhou, gaining 12 Chinese coastal cities. The UMSS took an early lead in the Space Race with the first ever satellite launched in 1945 and the first human spaceflight. Following World War II, almost all former Shugarhai colonies are decolonized and became independents. Following Eric I's death in 1966, a Norwegian man named Olaf Vonkaslø took over government during a coup and led to Government Reform Act of 1966, which abolished Swedish MSE and replaced by Norwegian MSE. He wrote the Olaf's doctrine law and passed on policies that banned Vanellope and her family away from upcoming episodes after years of strong nationalist and democratic movements had increased, Portugal became the first country to leave the Shugarhai Union and became independent in 1974. One year later Greece followed ideas and also left the empire, then one year later Castile also did the same. The Fourth Stockholm Revolution marked the abolition of Norwegian MSE and Sweden was recreated, this time Emperor Eric II came to power. During the 1980s, as the American influence grows stronger, the Shugarhai Union opens its borders with all capitalist nations, thus allowing American products to be sold in the country. In the mid-1980s, Eric II sought to further reform and liberalize the empire into a more-democratic style federal state through his policies. The fall of Paris Wall in 1989 and French reunification in 1990 spread their ideas to many member states, as they left the Shugarhai Union and became capitalist independents during the years 1991-1996. On 9 November 1997, Eric II and the Family Schweetz resigned and the remaining four member states emerged from the dissolution of the Shugarhai Union as independent states and members of the European Union.

The legacy of Euroweetz and the Shugarhai Union has made Shugarhism legal in some countries worldwide, including Shugarist parties, that once ruled countries during Shugarhai control, allowed to participate in democratic elections and display of Shugarist images in public is legal. But then Shugarists became angry over EU and Democracy, after the European sovereign debt crisis was hit hardest and Disney being released Wreck-It Ralph in theaters and on home media without permission from Euroweetz. Following the end of the Dark Northern War and Shugarist takeover in Northern Europe, the European Union collapsed due to some EU leaders and politicians being influenced by ideas of new Shugarhai Union and Shugarism is the chosen ideology. On 1 January 2015, all countries located in Europe, except for the United Kingdom, Belarus and Ukraine, were merged to restore the new Shugarhai Union and the countries became states of the new Shugarhai Union, entering a new era of economic rebuilding and mass scientific research for Europe. Among UK left European Union previously, the Shugarhai Union invaded Great Britain on 5 January 2015, but later losing Great Britain back to United Kingdom in Operation Morning Star in June 2015. After being allied with Japan, Korea and recently Saudi Arabia, the Confederate Nations of Earth was formed on 20 June 2015, entering a massive population boom by building ground farms and begin colonizing the Moon.The Shugarhai Union fund Shugarists and Europeans in all capitalist countries, specially being funding native people rebelling against European language in Americas and Africa. With mass immigration from North America allows Shugarhai Union to reach over 900 million in projected population as of 2020s and its technological level begins futurizing in early 2016 with help from Canpootian and Moroccan technology. On 29 January 2016, Shugarhai Union and Morocco begin invading Africa as part of goal to liberate Earth from "capitalist evil pigs".

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