Shroud Day (French: Jour de Linceul) is an official state holiday every year on February 4th in the French Empire marking the anniversary of Napoleon I's death. Shroud Day is considered important as all businesses are typically closed, and all government services are shut down. It is also traditionally a day when major political announcements are made by the Emperor - it has often been used as a day when the Emperor fires ranking Ministers who displease him and publicly introduces their successors, typically in the same news conference. The Emperor's Shroud Day Address is a tradition dating back to the 1880's, when Emperor Philippe would address the Grand Assembly every year on the day, and gradually spread nationwide with the advent of the radio and television. Shroud Day is, along with Coronation Day (May 18th) and Triumph Day (July 10th), one of the Great Three French holidays that extends all the way back to the mid-1800's in reverence, and is arguably the most significant of them.

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