In "Short-lived US", the United States of America are conquered by the British in the War of 1812. After the British victory at the Battle of New Orleans, the United States declared that the British had violated the Treaty of Ghent, though the British armies did not know yet that the treaty had been signed. The Americans, however, did not count on Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo (This battle plays out identically to OTL). With the war in Europe over and all of Britain's focus on America, the United States fall to the British Empire. Note that at this time Florida, Mexico, and much of the Pacific region is Spanish, and Oregon is British. However, the Louisiana purchase has already happened, and Florida is ceded by the Spanish in 1819 after the War of 1812 is over.

In some sections of this althist I borrow paragraphs from Wikipedia. When I do so, I say that I am.

This is my timeline, I'd prefer that others don't alter it, even if I don't do much on it. If you want to contribute, please add something on the talk page and I will consider it.


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