Shirley Temple-Black
Temple Black 1990-1-
President Black, circa 1980
Born April 23rd, 1928
Santa Monica, Republic of California
Died February 10th, 2014
Portland, Cascadia, United States of America
Education Westlake School for Girls
Occupation Formerly the Ambassador to Austria-Hungary, Actor
Years active 1989-1992
Organization Union of Nations
Title President of the United States
Term 1977-1981
Predecessor Richard M. Nixon
Successor Ronald Regan
Political party Republican Party

Early Life and Acting

Shirley Temple-Black was born in the Republic of California in 1928. Black's family emigrated to the United States in 1931 after the Communalist Revolution took over the nation as the Great Depression struck North America. After resettling in Portland, Cascadia (OTL Oregon and Washington States) Temple became an accomplished child actor in her first role in 1932, eventually going on to star in numerous films up until 1969.

Political Career

Temple eventually ended up working in the Cascadian branch of the Republican Party after her retirement from film and TV. She successfully became the Chief of Protocol of the United States from 1976-1977 until she ran for the Republic Party in the 1977 Presidential Elections, alongside Ronald Regan.

Temple was elected the first female President of the United States in 1977. Her attempts to further peaceful relations with the German government nearly took a turn for the worst as the fallout from the North Sea Crisis caused relations to drop to extremely dangerous levels, but her skilled diplomatic skills eventually normalized American-German Relations until the October Revolution caused the fall of the German regime.

Temple's various meetings with German Chancellor Helmut Khol and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher led to the signing of the SALT I and Helsinki Accords.