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Shinihon (Columbus sails for England)

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Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Washington State, Oregon, southern British Columbia
No flag
Flag of Shinihon
(and largest city)
安全な港 Anzena Minato (OTL Vancouver)
Other cities 山市 Sanshi (OTL Seattle)
Language Japanese
Emperor Akihito
Prime Minister Katashi Otsato
Area 642,105 km²
Population 11,764,736 
Currency Yen

Following the lead of their Chinese neighbors, Japan sent settlement and explorations to the North American west coast. The resulting settlements eventually unified into Shinihon. Following the end of the Second World War, Shinihon lost much of its southern territory to Dongguo, and some of its northeastern land to Canada. Despite this, the populace remains steadfastly loyal to the Emperor across the sea in Toyko.

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