Shellron Corporation logo

Shellron logo since 1995.

Shellron, officially the Shellron Oil Corporation (NYSE: SHROC), is the major United States-based subsidiary of the European corporation Royal Dutch Shell (of the Netherlands), and is, in fact, much larger by annual revenue than its parent company, placing it very near or even at the top of the world's major oil corporations. Shellron was created through a merger of the former Shell Oil (based out of the Galveston, Texas suburb of Houston) with the North California-based Chevron Corporation in April 1995. Since then, both Shell Oil and Chevron stations throughout the United States and Canada have been re-branded with the new corporation logo, while Shellron has climbed to nearly $300 billion in annual revenue, much of which has been used to upgrade most company drilling platforms and refineries to safer working standards and clean-drilling methods.

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