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What if the Confederacy had won the Civil War and the Union had created a totalitarian United States?


PoD July 3rd 1863 - The Confederacy wins the Battle of Gettysburg which turns the tide and causes a Union defeat in the war. Riots began all across the Union while the Unions economy is weakened along with their morale. Abraham Lincoln establishes a totalitarian regime across the Union to increase production, rebuild their economy, and suppress the rebellious citizens. Unrest grows in the Union and protests begin. Abraham Lincoln and his Cabinet create a organization known as the Enclave with the goal of preserving the Union at all costs including suppressing rebellious citizens, stopping riots and protests, attempting to give morale to the people, etc.

February 19th 1874 - Unrest, continuing to grow since the Union defeat at Gettysburg, had reached a greater point creating more violent riots and protests. On February 19th, one great riot in Washington DC becomes violent. Ulysses, wanting to show force, sends soldiers and has them create a firing line. The soldiers fired on the protesters and had them leave or be fired upon again. This event became known as the Washington Massacre, unrest was raised greatly, a revolution would soon begin.

April 5th 1875 - The start of the 15 States Revolution begins

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