Shao Zhou
Emperor Tianzong

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

The Emperor in 2014

Emperor of China
1961 – 1991
2000 – 2001

Predecessor: Huo-Ting
Successor: Wu Shenglong

Holder of the Mandate of Heaven
1961 – 2001

Predecessor: Huo-Ting
Successor: Wu Zhou
Born: 18 June 1948 (aged 68)
Spouse: Lin Shan
Imperial House: Zhou Dynasty
Father: Shin Zhou
Mother: Yuriko Koizumi
Issue: Wu Shenglong
Wu Li
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Shao Zhou (Chinese: 周紹 "Zhōu Shào") is the former Emperor of China and father of the current Empress, Wu Shenglong. He abdicated in 2001 after 40 years of reign. He reigned under the name Emperor Tianzong (Chinese: 天宗). Shao Zhou was deposed in 1991 by Kuvira Laghima, and reinstated in 2000 after the fall of the Earth Empire.