جموں و کشمیر
— State of of Hindustan
Timeline: Mughal Glory
Red Fort
Red Fort during Vaisakhi
Capital Shahjahanabad
Largest city Shahjahanabad
  others Punjabi, Bengali
Islam, Hinduism
  others Sikhism
Ethnic groups
  others Punjabi
Demonym Shahjahanabadi
Sultan Narendra Modi
Area 222,236 km²
Population 30 million 
Established 1947
Time zone HiST

Shahjahanabad is the smallest of the Hindustani states, but it is very important, with poets and Indo-Persian art in abundance in the region. Such monuments of peace, like the Babri Masjid, where both Hindus pray in due to it being located on the foundation of a Ram temple and Muslims pray because it is a beautiful masjid. In addition, the Iron Pillar, a pillar of iron which has not rusted to this day, with edicts of ancient emperor Ashoka written on it, is in Shahjahanabad.

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