“Life is short, the art long”

Welcome to the portal page for Shadow of the Eagles, a timeline that explores a multitude of PoDs culminating in a collaborative timeline! The caretakers of this article will be writing in different eras simultaneously, creating a truly unique world filled with possibility.

To set the stage, the history of the world diverges at AD 450. In our timeline (OTL) this was an era of darkness for the Roman Empire. The rapidly-crumbling Western Roman Empire was in a freefall. Attila the Hun waged a mighty fight against the west while the Eastern Roman Empire struggled to recover from a series of barbarian attacks. The Council of Chalcedon was a year away from transforming Christianity forever. As Rome’s death throes echoed through Europe, barbarian tribes settled, forming the foundations for nations in the years to come. In the east, India reached new heights as two dynasties ruled China in an era of transformation and strife. To put it lightly, this era impacted the world forever.

Now, imagine if it had all gone differently. Imagine all the possibilities under the Shadow of the Eagles!


This article is a joint effort by CrimsonAssassin, Feudalplague, JoshTheRoman, Scrawland Scribblescratch, Tbguy1992. All permissions and editing rights are theirs alone. Currently, each user will be working on his own section of history, with 1-2 users collaborating on each time period, however all users may edit each other’s sections in order for seamless transitions between eras. Their contributions are as follows:

  • 450 AD - 850 AD - Crim and Josh
  • 850 AD - 1150 AD - Crim and Scraw
  • 1150 AD - 1450 AD - Scraw


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