William Henry Seward - edited

William H. Seward, founder of Seward Industries.

What if William H. Seward had not been elected U. S. Secretary of State? What if Lincoln had chosen another Secretary of State? What if all of Seward's accomplishments and expansions had not happened?

Point of Divergence

In this ATL, William H. Seward, instead of going to Union College, was sent to the University of Cambridge. While there, he fell in love with the English countryside, and became a successful, albeit minor, entrepreneur. Although well known as the "chap from the States" in Norfolk, he was not as well known in many other places.

Some repercussions of seward not being elected included:

  • Instead of choosing him as Secretary of State, Lincoln chose Artur Jakobsen, a Danish-born former Governor of New York and half-brother of William Seward.
  • Alaska was never bought by America; instead, it became its own sovereign state.
    Flag of Washington, D.C.

    Flag of the current Republic of Washington.

  • The American Civil War is won by the Confederacy, and the U.S. is split into 4 states.
  • America loses its alliances with many countries, and eventually becomes a weak, third-world country.

Main Pages

NOTE: Many of these pages will be inaccessible for the time being. This is simply because I have just started this series, so I am not very far into it.

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