Severovsky Castle is the primary summer residence of the royal family of Alaska, located on the small Severovsky Island off of the coast of southern Baranov Island on the Pacific Ocean. Built in 1874 by Duke Gennady Severovsky, the brother-in-law of Tsar Feodor II, the castle was meant to be an impregnable fortress with high walls on an easily defensible island where the Tsar could retreat in case of direct danger to nearby Sitka. However, it suffered damage during various U.S. naval raids during the Alaskan War despite there being no permanent occupants at the castle, and in 1887 it was overrun during the night by angry Alaskan commoners and rebellious soldiers during the Dmitrov Coup.

The Dmitrov family has since largely used it as a summer residence along with their residence at Ekitask on the mainland and their official residence at Sitka's Moon Palace. Tsar Nicholas II was born at Severovsky, and the castle has often been the site of summer meetings between the royal family and visiting dignitaries. Most famously, President Richard Van Dyke of the United States played a televised round of tennis at the Severovsky courts in 1970 against Alexander III.

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