Timeline: No Napoleon

OTL equivalent: Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quebec
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Severight, Canada at Night (No Napoleon)
Severight at Night
Country Flag of Canada (No Napoleon) Canada
Province Ungava
Founded 1849
Population 546,295
Time zone Eastern Time (UTC−5)

Severight, formerly known as Fort Severight, is a Canadian city in northern Ungava, on the east coast of Ungava Bay at the mouth of the George River. The city has a total population of 546,295, founded during the Canadian expansion into Ungava in 1849.


Canadian expansion

Severight was originally inhabited by Native American groups, who were under the control of the British crown through Rupert's Land. By 1842, Rupert's Land was united with the Kingdom of Ontario to form the Dominion of Canada shortly after the independence of Quebec.

The St. Lawrence River, which was primarily under independent Quebec control, had caused minor trade conflicts, and the government felt threatened that the economy would crumble. At the time, New Caledonia was a separate British colony, and had only joined in 1849. The Canadian government felt that it was in their greatest interest to establish a city to secure trade that was both accessible and habitable. While some thought a city in the Hudson Bay would be beneficial, many realized that trade ships would have to circumnavigate the Ungavan territory through frozen and harsh waters. They came to a consensus that a city in the Ungavan Bay would grow the demand for a trans-Canadian railway, and the Ungavan Expansion was approved.