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The Service de Sécurité Impérial, (en.: Imperial Security Service) also known as SSI is the French Intelligence Service for both external and internal security.


Founded in 1905 originally as one of a multitude of agencies in the Empire in charge of espionage and policing, but with the rise of Philippe Pétain and the Fédération Impérialiste Française in 1932, SSI Chairman-General Sylvain-Eugene Raynal used this opportunity to outmaneuver the other organizations and be declared the primary security service, with all others under the SSI. Raynal then used his new power to reorganize the SSI into an efficient, quick and deadly internal and external security force, suppressing dissent at home and infiltrating the highest levels of enemy government, especially in Germany and Britain (as well as Russia and the United States, though it was kept a secret until the 1950's.)

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