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The Sermon on the Rock between Life and Faith refers to a historical meeting and debate on Easter Day, 1969 between His Holiness Pope Paul VI Bishop of Rome and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Serantaos II Zeras of the Dravimosian Empire. Following an invitation from Paul VI to discuss what it truly means to be alive and the place of the Emperor in the order of the universe, Emperor Serantaos II traveled to Rome, the "Rock" of the Human Christian faith.


Earlier that year Earth had suffered a massive and damaging invasion by the Promethean Empire. Even before that, in ????? the Human race was contacted by extraterestrial life. Knowledge that life existed outside of Earth did much to change how Humanity viewed religion, with many beginning to doubt if religion still held any modern value.

Following the invasion, many pointed out that other aliens like the Dravimosians, Azaranians, Rasheen, Regens, and Centrians had helped the Humans defeat the Prometheans, not any spiritual deity or deities. This further weakened Human belief in religion, and many begin to consider religion as simply a sentimental part of the past.

Determined to prevent the fall of the Christian faith, Pope Paul VI called on the Dravimosian Emperor, who claimed to be the emperor and protector of all life, to come to Rome to explain to Humanity what life truly is and how the Emperor could be the protector of life if God is above all and created life in the first place.

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