Sergey Davidovich Kolov (Russian: Сергей Давидович Колов) (10 July 1880 - 3 November 1955) was an Alaskan politician, diplomat and political activist, best known for serving as Premier of the Alaskan Empire from 1939, when he was elevated to the post following the death of his predecessor, to 1944, when his ruling left-wing minority coalition was defeated in a no-confidence vote. Kolov was a founding member of the Socialist Party of Alaska in 1926 and was a close political ally of its leader, Maxim Faustin, whose posthumous influence helped him gain his Premiership, and he was a critical member of the diplomatic envoy that negotiated and signed the Kodiak Accords. While skeptical of the realistic goals of a worldwide revolution, he was notoriously sympathetic to Marxist idealogy and declared himself a sworn enemy of the entrenched gas interests in Alaska's economy in 1942, which likely led to his defeat in 1944. However, many Alaskans today regard his tough stand against American companies keep much of Alaska's oil revenue within the country, which accelerated its second economic boom from 1949-1964.

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