Sergei Dmitri Miyotaki
Born 4 July 1935
Moscow, Russian Empire
Died 2 June 1972
Simpang, Singapore
Title 3rd Governor of Karafuto
Term 1971-1973
Predecessor Kanazawa Iseya
Successor Vladimir Ivanovich
Religion Shintoism
Spouse(s) Alisa Mendeleev
Children 2

Sergei Dmitri Miyotaki​ (4 July 1935 - 2 June 1972) was the third and first foreign-born governor of Karafuto. 

Early Life

Miyotaki was born on 4 July 1935 in Moscow, Empire of Russia to Eugene Miyotaki, a Japanese-American senator from California and Ivanka Yeltsin, a Russian political activist. As a young child, Sergei took an interest in global politics from mother and father. 

Early Career 

At the age of 18, he graduated from the high school and joined the Russian Army for 3 years. Sergei was heavily involved in politics in Moscow, even becoming the youngest mayor of a small Russian town at the age of 25. 

Governor of Karafuto and Death

On 16 May 1971, Miyotaki was sworn in as Governor of Karafuto. He proceeded to make numerous state visits to Japan, California, Russia, Quebec and Iberia between June 1971 and March 1972.