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Влада народног спаса
Government of National Salvation
Puppet state of the German Empire
State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918).svg
CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941.png
1941–1990 Civil Flag of Serbia.svg
Flag of Serbia, 1941-1944.svg Coat of arms of the Government of National Salvation.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Oj Srbijo, mila mati / Ој Србијо, мила мати
CV Serbia 1945-1990.png
Capital Belgrade
Official language Serbia
Religion Serbian Orthodox Church
Government Chetnik republic under military occupation
Military Commander
 - 1941 Helmuth Förster (first)
 - 1987–1990 Helge Hansen (last)
Prime Minister
 - 1941–1953 Milan Nedić (first)
 - 1953–1990 Momčilo Đujić (last)
Legislature National Assembly
Historical era Cold War
 - Occupation of Serbia 29 August 1941
 - Referendum 2 July 1990
 - Government elected 23 December 1990
Currency Dinar (РСД)
Today part of Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

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