Flag of the Serbian Empire, reconstruction

In this timeline the emperor Stephen Uros V of Serbia was not captured because he wasn't in the army that was defeated. In the year 1373 the empire declared war and conquered the repubblic of Ragusa. Two years later the empire conquered all of greece And an half of macedonia. In the year 1403 the empire with the new emperor Stephen III lazarevic had all of east balkan and 3 half of Anatolia.

4 years later a coalition was formed by Austria, wallachia, the papal state and the Kingdom of Naples. In the year 1409 the coalition war started (1409-1411)Naples started to attack the Peloponnese, the pope and Austria attacked from the North. In 5 september 1411 the empire surrender, in the treaty of Belgrade the empire was supposed to free the repubblic of Ragusa, some anatolian countrys and some greece land to Naples.
Serbian empire 1405

In 1413 The super serbian empire started a crusade against the Mamluks. And in 1414 the Mamluks surrendered, losing Israel,Palestine and Lebanon

Serbian empire 1411
Serbian empire 1414

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