Kraljevina Srbija
Краљевина Србијa
Timeline: 1879: Agreement

OTL equivalent: Serbia without most part of its territory.
State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918) Coat of arms of Serbia
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Belgrade
Largest city Belgrade
Other cities Nisk, Kragukevac, Čačak, Smederevo
Language Serbian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxism
Demonym Serbian
Government Constitutional monarchy
King Alexander III
  Royal house: Obrenović
Prime-Minister Mirko Cvetković
Area 38,907 km²
Population 5,200,000 
Established 1882
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared 1830
  recognized 1878
Currency Dinar
Serbia, officially the Kingdom of Serbia (Serbian :Краљевина Србија, Kraljevina Srbija), is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, covering the southern part of Carpathian basin and the central part of the Balkans. Serbia borders Greater Austria to the north, Kosovo to the southwest and Romania and Bulgaria to the east. Belgrade, Serbia's capital city is among the most populous in Southeast Europe.

After their settlement in the Balkans, Serbs formed several medieval kingdoms, which evolved into the Serbian Empire in the 14th century. By the 16th century, Serbian lands were conquered and occupied by the Ottomans, at times interrupted by the Habsburgs. In the early 19th century the Serbian revolution re-established the country as the region's first constitutional monarchy.the country became a kingdom (it was originally a principality) in 1882.

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