What if in 1865, Aberham Lincoln, hot off winning the Civil War, signs one last bill into law before his untimely death splitting OTL Oaklahoma in half forming the state of Sequoya (reserved for the native americans in the

Flag of Sequoyah (Two Americas)

This is the flag of the state of Sequoya Recently, the tribal population of Sequoya voted to become a self- governing state that would still be "associated" with the US government. They have done this so they can "make they'r own laws and policies that are more geared towered them".

Eastern half) & the Oaklahoma Territory, for white colonization, to the Western half (Including the panhandle). How do you think history would have played out if the Indians had got their long sought after state? This page is open to all to add to.

State Gov.

Instead of having one governor like every other state, Sequoya has a list of tribal governor that governs over their tribe. The members of each tribe call them "tribal chief" & is voted in and out by popular vote every 4 years and must be a member of their group or tribe.

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