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Septumvirate (Gaul Rising)

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The Septumvirate was a group of seven individuals that rebelled against Roman emperor Maximian and jointly ruled the Roman Empire.


  • Ovinius Gallicanus, the governor of Dalmatia
  • Virius Gallus, the governor of Histria
  • Sextus Anicius Faustus Paulinus, the governor of Epirus
  • Aulus Avitus Caepio, the governor of Sardeata
  • Septimius Bassus, a dux in Illyricum

Vettius Aurelius Abito, a dux in Haemus

  • Flavius Turullius Didicus, the governor of Apulia

Formation and Rise to Power

Provisional Rule


Assassinations by Basilius

Second Rebellion

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