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The September 11 attacks were a terrorist attack organized by the Al Qaeda terrorist group, on September 11, 2001.

The Attacks

The attacks consisted of four commercial airliners hijacked, two of which hit their planned targets.

First Plane

American Airlines Flight 11 took off from Boston-Logan Airport at 7:59 am, bound for Los Angeles. It was then hijacked by five hijackers and flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46. The North Tower would collapse at 10:28 am.

Second Plane

United Airlines Flight 175 departed Boston-Logan Airport at 8:14 am, bound for San Diego. Five hijackers took control of the plane, but passengers revolted and the plane missed New York City altogether. The plane crashed off the coast of Belmar, New Jersey at 9:10 am; the surviving passengers and crew were taken ashore, though none of the hijackers survived. It is believed that Flight 175 was to hit the South Tower of the WTC.

Third Plane

American Airlines Flight 77 departed Washington-Dulles Airport at 8:20 am, also bound for San Diego. Five hijackers overtook the plane, which crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virgina at 9:37.

Fourth Plane

United Airlines Flight 93 departed Newark Airport at 8:42 am, bound for San Francisco. Four hijackers took the plane, but passengers on-board revolted while flying over Erie (earlier than in OTL). An air-traffic control operator in Cleveland was able to pick up on the danger, and sent the message that Flight 93 needed help. The flight managed to make a safe landing at Fort Pitt Airport, where the hijackers were taken away by authorities to be interrogated.

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