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Week 1

Poland: Poland sends 300,000 men to assist Sweden in Albania. Protests over the German ownership of the Polish corridor begins in Warsaw. Poland makes an official demand to Italy that they agree to defeat or be entirely annexed by opposing forces. Meanwhile Polish economy begins to increase as the economy comes of inflation.

Japan: All troops formerly in Australia are now fighting in Manchuria, with the increase of propaganda magazines, posters and more nationalistic curriculum our army numbers 800,000 and we predict by March our army will have at least 1.5 million. We end the Sino- Australian War with a brief meeting with Australia's president. We offer a alliance request to Australia and give three billion Japanese Marks to rebuilding Sydney. We develop even more TOK-134s and start mass producing them in our army. We continue to use the Karamili jujitsu technique with Kiragusu gas. We drop Kiragusu gas bombs all over major Chinese training camps.

Southern Australia: We made a brief meeting in Japan, and we think the alliance could be possible with Japan, but some worries over our allied nations might be a big discussion. Australian President, thinks they will agree an alliance with Japan, but warns some other allied nations if we are right to accept or wrong. Also we accept Japan's alliance and in that case it worth confirming. Also three billion Japanese Marks are allowed to rebuild Sydney in case allied nations don't do anything with us.

United Kingdom: We continue the blockade of Germany. We build our military. We build our military presence on the French-German border.

Sweden: Following the events of August, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,125,000 soldiers, Sweden's new military development is proceeding well, the New-Class Fleet Project included. The Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists currently have 23,554,679 supporters and members, and are likely to enforce their demands this month. With the assistance of Poland, Swedish Forces this week have occupied the last holdouts in Albania, and thus Italy has been completely occupied. Sweden seconds Poland's demand of acceptance of defeat and by extension a peace treaty, or the demands of their side will be enforced upon Italy. Sweden proposes a co-development project with Germany, which is known publicly only as "Project Titan". Sweden also makes it clear they are not impressed with the United Kingdom's actions.

Week 2

Southern Australia: Since Japan offers us alliance, we decide to accept it. President of Australia is looking Japanese Marks to rebuild Sydney, as they start to rebuild one week ago. Meanwhile, due to the war that we have last time with Japan, it seems that we alreday not declaring war with Japan. Today. we recruit the troops and economy to improve.

Japan: The Imperial Office declares all troops formely in Australia are in Japan. We continue to devolp MDS to fight the Chinese military. We take advantage of their large military by sending men who are sick from the epidemic in Hiroshima to major Chinese camps spreading the disease this along with Kiragusu gas is massacring the large ROCA camps. Still the Chinese are advancing, so along with an increase of propaganda tactics we introduce The Conscription Rule every Male over 18 should join or cooperate with the army 5 days a week. We send some TOK-147s to Australia.

United Kingdom: We continue the blockade of Germany. We build our military. We build our military presence on the French-German border. We continue the rebuilding of Japan and Southern Australia.

Sweden-Scandinavia: Following the events of Week One, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,200,000 soldiers and Sweden's new military development is continuing well. The Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists attempted to enforce their demands this week, and Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and their respective territories agreed, however, Finland is now involved in a civil war against the Pan-Nationalists-recently-turned-Nationalists, with forces from Denmark and Norway assisting them, causing the majority of Finland to already be occupied, and it is expected that Finland will have joined Scandinavia within the month. Scandinavia tells other countries not to interfere, as the massive Scandinavian military is already being mostly pulled back to fight the Finnish government, and acting at all in support of the Finnish government will be taken as a declaration of war against Scandinavia. Scandinavia also continues the various things which Sweden, Denmark and Norway were doing.

Week 3

USSR: As negotiations are occurring, we temporarily puppet Albania.

Mod: USSR, you do, I hope, realize that not only is the majority of Albania not under Comintern control, let alone the fact that none of it is under USSR control, but also that as stated in Rule 11, you cannot just suddenly do this because you feel like it.

Southern Australia: We continue to improve economy and military, since Japan took the Northern Australia, we pretty sure that other allied nation could support us still. Meanwhile, some buildings might have to be rebuilt since that war we had it, so some of the structures might take a year to do it apparently. We allow Japanese people into Northern Australia.

Italy: We surrender.

Japan: We start employing Australian men into our military, our WDM creator claims that he is developing an extremely dangerous bomb he calls this project Nagasaki Dragon Fire. Although this may be true. The Imperial Office doesn't acknowledge of it. With army size of 975,000, we launch an offensive with The Karamli Jutisu technique we officially conquer Northern China. We crash a plane with Kiragusu gas explosives loaded in it. Still the ROCA has a great number of troops so we will continue to try to remove a great load of them before another offensive is used.

United Kingdom: We continue the blockade of Germany. We make it clear that we are worried about Sweden's strength. We build our military. We build our military presence on the French-German border. We help build Sydney.

US: We still do not agree with the signing of Treaty of Sydney, and vote to remove the UK as leader of the allies due to our belief that they are failing to lead the allies. We urge China, France, Canada and Australia to join us. We also begin to pull back troops from the pacific, but keep a small battlegroup there.

  • UnoriginalNameProcess: Quick note, I don't recall the Treaty of Sydney ever being fully signed, so surely that means Japan does not control Northern Australia?

Scandinavia: Following the events of Week Two, the Scandinavian military, having combined the militaries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, currently employs about two million soldiers and is recruiting more, with military buildup, facilities, fortifications, etc. being built across the recently united territories, in addition to various infrastructure, and resource collection and weapons manufacturing are increasing across the territories, with the new Swedish military development proceeding well, and the majority of the Scandinavian military has now been pulled back to fight the Finnish government. The Finnish government has agreed to a ceasefire after all but Helsinki and the province around it have been occupied, and they will likely have joined Scandinavia by next Wednesday. Scandinavia announces they will be discussing the terms of the peace deal to send to Italy with the other members of their war alliance, and hope that a treaty can be signed within a month.

Week 4

Australia: We accept US to join them, but likely Japan could still invade us if we join the US. If war happens, we will urge the allies to come to us helping to fend off Japanese. Indeed, we brace for another war in Oceania for the second time. Meanwhile, more troops to be recruited, and its total of 750,000 troops that we used it during that war we sent them.

Japan Dip: We tell Australia we are not planning to invade and our military plans will have nothing to do with Australia.

Australia Dip: We know you don't plan to invade us but one of our allied nations still refuses that Australia has to get that land back called North Australia. We should urge them to stop the situation, although they join us as Allies.

United Kingdom: We continue the blockade of Germany. We make it clear that we are worried about Sweden's strength. We say to America that we are a great allied leader and shouldn't be removed. We build our military. We build our military presence on the French-German border. We help build Sydney. We spread anti-American propaganda across Britain as revenge for trying to remove us as the Allied League.

Scandinavia: Following the events of Week Three, the Scandinavian military currently employs about 2.05 million soldiers, military buildup is proceeding well, military facilities across the Region are being constructed along with fortifications, infrastructure is proceeding much the same way, resource collection has increased dramatically, manufacture of weapons of war has also increased massively, with Scandinavia now possessing just over 15,000 tanks, and the Swedish military developments are proceeding surprisingly quickly, including a new class of Battleship, which has been named "Magnus den Gode" after the King Magnus the Good of Denmark and Norway. Finland has joined Scandinavia, and the construction, production, etc. going on elsewhere in the Region is now occurring there as well. Scandinavia notifies the League of Nations that the treaty to end the war against Italy will be ready "In time for All Saints' Day", unless something unexpected occurs.

Hungary: Hungary continues its massive recruition drive, with the army being composed of 400,000 troops now, and for the next few weeks, almost all resources shall be put into recruiting more. In the meantime, Hungarian forces in Yugoslavia are withdrawn.

Japan: Officials in the Imperial Office begin drafting papers on our Pacific domination. We send diplomats to India, Nepal and Bhutan. We land more Australian employed troops into Beijing, Nanking and Tijang via our occupied ports. We send conscripted troops men across Thailand into areas of China such as Tibet. Our diplomats ask India if we can invade China via them. Finally, we declare the ROCA an illegal terrorist organization and urge Japanese men to fight them."

  • India Dip: The Indian government flat-out refuses to allow Japanese troops to move freely through their lands, and they are insulted that Japan would ask them to allow their armies to violate their borders, when they have no history of good relations.

Mod Note: Cease removing the categories or your nation's actions and nation itself will be erased from the game. All areas but the History section are now off-limits to any members but mods.


Week 1

Australia: We continue to expand military, thus infrastructure improves in one of the cities. Meanwhile, the Sydney could be rebuilt but it'll take maybe two weeks due to a siege. We allow Japan to send one of our Australian employed troops if they want to, we don't want to make sure all of our allied nations do anything wrong on us. Ports can be rebuilt.

Scandinavia: Following the events of September, the Scandinavian military currently employs about 2.1 million soldiers, military buildup is proceeding well, military facilities, fortifications, infrastructure, etc. are being constructed quickly due to a large number of people being employed as construction workers for the time being, resource collection is becoming a very large industry for Scandinavia, especially in Greenland, where a massive amount of natural resources, especially minerals, have yet to tapped, weapons manufacturing is proceeding very well, the recent military developments are continuing very well, and Scandinavia will likely be testing it' first missiles before the end of the year. The Magnus the Good-class Battleships are nearly finished, as are the latest tanks and other weapons, and the first of Scandinavia's jets will likely be deployed by February next year. Scandinavia makes it clear they find the United Kingdom's worries about them to be unfounded, and that they are not at all pleased with the United Kingdom's referring to them as Sweden. They also offer Hungary an alliance, with the included treaties currently being: Defensive and Offensive Pacts, Criminal Extradition Agreements, Joint Military Access, Naval Basing Rights and Access Through Airspace, as well as including an offer for a Joint Development Project, which is separate from the other treaties.

  • Hungary: Hungary accepts both an Alliance Treaty as well as a Joint Development Project.
Week 2

Australia: We expand the military and develop some weapons in the factories. With unexpected events came that like allied nations still refuse, but we know that we urge USA to stop situation that Japan deserves to take North Australia, Even to our news, more troops recruit to the army. Some worries on Sweden's strength, however, are about to rise. So Allies have to deal to stop Sweden taking over.

Hungary: We continue expanding our military ground forces. Hungary continues to consider whether or not to reform the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a majority of the votes now voting yes. Several cities in Austria gain voting rights as well. We send Italy the Treaty of Rome.

Scandinavia: Following the events of Week One, the Scandinavian military currently employs about 2.2 million soldiers, military buildup is proceeding very well, military facilities, fortifications, infrastructure, etc. are mostly complete across the nation, resource collection, especially in Greenland, is going very well, weapons manufacturing is proceeding extremely well, the military developments are continuing extremely well, and Scandinavia will most likely be testing its first missiles and underwater mines in a month's time, and the first jets in January next year. The Magnus the Good-Class Battleships are completed, as are the majority of the latest weapons, with more advanced ones being built, and the less advanced ones being slowly taken apart and replaced with the newer ones, starting with the least effective, and Scandinavia is building six more Ulaf Railway Guns, increasing their number from three to nine, stating that their reason for this is "concerns over border safety due to recent conflicts and nearby powers". Scandinavia also signs the Treaty of Rome, and encourages Poland to do so, while demanding Italy do so. Scandinavia suggests to Hungary that the first thing they should develop together via their Joint Development Project is a ship(s) for Hungary to use once the Treaty of Rome is enacted.

Week 3

Germany: The Germans continue sending propaganda into Switzerland. The Germans bring continue their rocektry program and with the new founding of Scandinavia we send Documents pertaining to the Titanen Klasse-Schiff.

  • Switzerland: The Swiss Nazi Party was framed for crimes this week by the Swiss Capitalist and Communist Parties, resulting in the Swiss people being slower to want to join Germany, but still wanting to do so.

Hungary: Hungary continues to expand its military. We also tell Italy to accept the Treaty of Rome or the treaty will have to be forced into effect.

Australia: We recruit more troops into the Australian military. Meanwhile, we decide to join UK by helping them rebuild Sydney that last time Japanese destroyed it. The casualties after the war between Australia and Japan is not known.

Bulgaria: Government officials crawl out of their bunkers, fully expecting for the entire country to be occupied. When they find that it isn't, they start to wonder what to do. The people have been able to sustain the country, but have not had effective leadership since the surrender. So, the government does the only thing it can: The government gathers what remains of the old army, and... stops. They have nothing. They have lost every ally they ever had. They start getting existential, wondering what the point is. Then a messenger arrives. He says that the people had formed another army, with the hope of one day uniting Bulgaria. The government stops being existential, and starts barking orders. They start up the military industrial complex once more, while reassuring other nations that it is only for defense purposes. The government begins spreading pro-Allied propaganda, and begins drifting toward the Allies.

  • Greece: Greece tells Bulgaria to limit their army to a maximum of 50,000 troops, alternatively, Greece will still attack.
  • Bulgaria: We'll get back to you on that after we figure out what we have to work with.

Scandinavia: Following the events of Week Two, the Scandinavian military currently employs about 2.3 million soldiers, over 16,000 Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Artillery, about 17,000 Aircraft, 28 aircraft carriers, 30 battleships, 71 escort carriers, 89 cruisers, 377 destroyers, and thousands of amphibious, supply and auxiliary ships, military buildup is proceeding well, military facilities and fortifications are complete everywhere except Finland, and they will be completed there next week, infrastructure is proceeding much the same way, due to the large manufacturing base, three of the new Ulaf Railway Guns have been completed. Scandinavia has looked over the documents Germany sent them, and sends a message back saying that "this will more than do".

Week 4

Hungary: Hungary continues once again to recruit troops. Hungary proposes to Sweden and Poland to force the Treaty of Rome into effect. Mod Note: Both, Week 4 of October and Week 1 of November can be edited until the following day.

Australia: We continue to improve infrastructure. Some troops been recruited, and we hope to reach more than million. It could be rising in the future so we could have better aggression than other enemies. We build airbases for some airplanes and air fighters. In the factories, the tanks have yet again developing M3 Stuarts. With our naval ships in construction looks to be likely done.

Scandinavia: Following the events of Week Three, the Scandinavian military currently employs about 2.4 million soldiers, military buildup and recruitment are continuing well, military facilities and fortifications are complete across the country, infrastructure will finish construction across the country next week, except for in Finland, where it will finish the week after, the last of the six new Ulaf Railway Guns have been completed, and construction is beginning on the new Titan-class ship. Scandinavia agrees with Hungary, saying that the Treaty of Rome should be enforced, as well as stating that they support Hungary in the case that they decide to reform Austria-Hungary.

Bulgaria: After one week, all that could be established was that a number of armies had been individually assembled, but not very effectively managed or bureaucratized. Units from different parts of the country numbered anywhere between under a hundred and several thousand, and they would have to be surveyed thoroughly before any consensus could be reached as to what to do with them. Even so, military production continued, especially on artillery and artillery shells. The government continues drifting toward the Allies, and as such, proposes trade agreements to Britain, France, and the US, while continuing trade with Japan and Italy.

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