Falloutshelter This 1983: Doomsday page is obsolete.

Events in this article are no longer part of the 1983: Doomsday timeline, but the page has been saved for reference purposes. You can comment on this page's talkpage.

In OTL there are a range of groups which fall variously under these several headings. Some groups falling under the first two headings in OTL are treated as operating outside the legal system; members of all three groups are capable of living in a wider range of contexts than city dwellers. Members of re-enactment groups often make their own weapons and other resources.

In a post-Doomsday world persons falling under these headings are likely to have an enhanced status. Some might act as mercenaries, individually or as groups (compare the 'free companies' in Italy in the medieval period), or train groups of survivors in military and other skills, and ability to organize. Those more adept may acquire a certain fame, sometimes under operational names, or nicknames, that can border on the legendary - much as 'King' Arthur may be based in part on a Roman military unit.

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