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In 1987, the tensions between Separatist Groups and Europe starts to spread to all world and all countries are affected with separatist movements.



  • In British Islands, Scotland begins the great boom declaring independence by referendum
  • This boom spreads quickly to Wales and Isle of Man
  • On 21st February, Sealand is recognized by UK and UN


  • Cornwall declares independence by referendum
  • The boom now spreads to France (Brittany and Normandy declare independence)
  • Nantes, Occitania and Alsace declare independence, Monaco expands to Nice
  • Belgium is split into Wallonia and Flandres
  • Frisia declares independence


  • Now the boom is in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy
  • Jura, Ticino and Geneve declare independence by referendum (Switz)
  • Bavaria, Lusatia and Franconia declare independence (Germany)
  • Galicia declares independence
  • Sardinia declares independence


  • Veneto and South Tirol declare independence
  • Sicily declares independence
  • Corsica declares independence
  • Andalusia, Canary Islands, Asturias, Aragon, Baleric Islands, Basque and Catalonia declare independence
  • San Marino and Vatican take some lands of Italy
  • Andorra expands, too
  • Olivenza joins Portugal
  • Leonese County, Castile and Cantabria declare independence


  • The Boom expands to Austria, Portugal, Yugoslavia and Poland
  • Madeira and Azores declare independence. Portugal gives autonomy to Mirandela do Douro and Olivenza
  • Liechtenstein expands and Carinthia declares independence
  • Yugoslavia crashes into: Republic Srpska, Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia, Istria, Rijeka, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Ilirida, FYROM, Serbia, Slovenia, Vojvodina, Sandžak, Preševo Valley and Montenegro
  • Kashubia and Upper Silesia (Silesia) declares independence


  • The Boom expands to Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
  • Wessex, Mercia and Yorkshire declares independence, causing the crash of England. Northern Ireland goes to Ireland
  • Greenland and Bornholm declares independence
  • Moravia declares independence and Czech Silesia joins Silesia (Upper Silesia)
  • Slovakia gives autonomy to the Hungarian speaking zones
  • Békéscsaba declares independence
  • Faroe Islands declare independence

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