Sentient Protection Alliance
CapitalSedna, Sol System aka Jnudeelq
Type Defensive Alliance
Establishment 1966

The Sentient Protection Alliance, or SPA, is an international coalition of races dedicated to the protection of al sentient races in the known universe.

Member Races


  • Venusians
  • Dravimos
  • Caborr
  • Azaranians via the first delegation to the SPA


  • Regenetech Empire via the Eighth Compound Delegation to the SPA
  • Kingdom of Salaamberia

War Council

  • Dravimos: Despite our best efforts, it would seem that war with the Terrans is inevitable. With the mechs to assist them, any conflict would be long and devastating to both sides. What should we do?
  • Seventh Delegation: The Terran have their whole army located around Pluto and Neptune. We could attack their undefended home system. (Is anyone here?)
  • Dravimos: Doubtful that their home system would be undefended. Although it might be controversial, we could arm the Humans to aid us.
  • Seventh Delegation: No, we shouldn't. They've just learned to put themselves in space. Such a great advance would be perilous. Even if we put limitations, after the war, they'll just pester us for our knowledge. Besides, if we give them our technological info, they'll start colonizing areas. They'll go for Venusian colonies, the North Star, and Alpha Centauri.
  • Dravimos: I never said give them all our technology, just interplanetary spaceflight and advanced weaponry.. However, all races must learn to live in peace with each other, and Humanity must learn it as well. It is their system as well, and if we convince them that they are in danger they will aid us.
  • D7: If we give them the weaponry, we should limit the Hyperdrive so that they can't travel in an interstellar form. And well, yeah, everyone should be in peace, but that's an unlikely thing these days. And their home planet is fractured with warring nations. As far as we can tell, there are two "powerful nations" called "Amereka" and "Soyuz Shoveshik." Perhaps we should only help them and their close allies. (Should I not have said the last two sentences?)
    • ​You should have put the USSR as SeSeSer (Kind of how CCCP is pronounced in Russian), or "sovyet Soyuz"(Sovetsky Soyuz-Rough romanization of Russian for Soviet Union)
    • True. Russian for Soviet Union. I changed it.
    • if you are translating it that way might as well Socialistichzkikh Respublik (sorry, I speak Russian and well, you wrote down (in translation from romanized Russian) Union of Soviet [did not add socialist republics]. but if that's actually how you wanted to translate this, my sincere apologies.
    • The Regenetech tend to only say the beginning of the name of a nation with a long name. And no problem, since yes that's what I meant. And I speak fair Russian too, so I knew what I was saying. (I actually speak German and Russian [I'm a language-o-maniac!])
  • Dravimos: Yes, interplanetary travel is not interstellar. Unfortunately, you are right on the peace issue. We should make contact with the Soviet Union and America as soon as possible, should we agree to contact them. Mech involvement on Earth is rising, and such steps might be necessary.
  • Azaranian Delegation: Until the Earthicans prove that they are unified enough not to destroy themselves with the received technology, we must not intervene in their development, but if the SPA would have any reason to intervene in the colonization of the Terrans, you would have to involve the consensus of both Native species: the Venusians and the Humans. you need to contact the humans, the Azaranians will do so after the Azaranians' assessment of the Humans' linguistic political, religious, and ethnic unity will be complete. The Azaranians have received information that the earth has two blocks of power, rivals in every way and hating each other in every way, but also a "United Nations" in the language of the "west block" and the OON in the language of the "east block"
  • D7: We disagree. Requiring consent of Earthians is a tad bit unneeded, since they had no idea other species existed outside their homeland

Mars and Byzantines

  • D7: As everyone knows, there are Byzantine settlers on Mars. Amerrickka was sending Earthians to the moon. Since the Byzantines are on Mars, we told them that we could assist them in landing the Earthians in a place where the Byzantines were not. However, they insisted on capturing the humans and sending them home with a memory wipe and the belief that their ship malfunctioned. They did this, even after we told them that Amerrickkans were not the type to send a malfunctioning ship into space. When the Earthians return home, Amerrickka will send probes and shuttles to see what happened. They will repair their ship and send it back up in months. The Byzantines, in the eyes of the Empire, have taken the wrong way to do this. This is not good.
  • BE Diplomacy: The Empire would like to send representative to join these talks.
  • D7: Send them over.
  • Byzantar Afkar (BE Representative): What is wrong with doing this, we only wanted information, and we tryed to be as kind as possible to the Humans. We gave them a malfunction that the Americans were sure to not think of, such as a micro meteor hitting Ares I and damaging the fuel tanks, not enough to harm the humans, but enough for them to evacuate the mission and return home.
  • D7: We had information. You could've asked us. We were going to let Earthians land on Mars.
  • Azaranian Delegation: The Azaranians are setting up a Residency zone on mars for the Delegations to all peoples in the Sol System and their military escorts. When the Delegations leave, so will the 1000 sq km residency area be destroyed. This Residency will be close to the Warp engine we use to get to the sol system so that it will not be too much trouble. This residency area will exist as long as the Azaranians have delegations within the sol system, as mars is the only near-habitable planet(heat-wise) not already permanently inhabited by a sentient race that we might be harming. You can contact other Azaranian Officials by asking for contact withing the Azaranian BAse on mars.

Contacting Homo Sapiens

  • Azaranian Delegation: We will have sufficient information to contact earth soon. THe Azarnian Proposal would be to contact the so-called "United Nations" or "Obyedineniyi Natsii" as representatives from all nations will be there, we also have two-way translation software with Earthican Languages, so now communications will not be such of a problem. Should we wait until we see the first signs of interplanetary travel(a landing on mars)? We need to contact them about the Terran Empire in the System so that they can be evicted(we have a grudge on them because of multiple genocides. Azaranians want them gone.)
  • Dravimos: While the news that the Terrans committed several genocides angers us (we believe no species deserves extinction), we should wait until our forces there become stronger. We should also wait until the Humans prove that they are capable of the difficulty of space, then attempt to get them on our side.
  • D7: Using the translation device given to us by the Dravimos, we have detected that Kanada has launched rockets to Mars. The BE has helped China to do the same. And we would like to evict the Terran. They may one day expand their list of exterminated species for us. If we decide to help them, we should first enable them to visit every other planet in their system, and then give them hyperdrive one day. The Senate has proposed the following as our way of contacting Earthian Humans:
    • Citizens and residents of Earth. We come in peace. We are sentient species residing outside your home world. We have deciphered your languages, and wish to inform you that an Empire named the Terran Empire has landed on your planet of "Pluto." They have terraformed it. They have a long record of being genocidal and you are danger of being exterminated by them. We would like to prevent this from happening. Since you have proven yourselves worthy by uplifting yourselves and landing on both your natural satellite, the Moon, and Mars, we will enable you to travel through space. However, you must promise not use this against us, or woe be to you. That is all.
  • And that is it. However, they may think we are just some of themselves playing a prank on them.
  • Has anyone noticed that if we help the humans, Star Wars will never exist? Neither will Star Trek or those other space-related franchises. This is why I really regret telling humans.
  • D7: Apparently, the Terran left for unknown reasons.
  • Azaranian Delegation: The Azaranians will still contact them when they reach Mars with people, or not long after that.
  • D8: Kanada hit Mars. They're coming back home now.
  • ISC: Earth is a hostile race. do not attempt contact. you will be creating your own destruction. this is not a threat, but a prediction.
  • Dravimos: Earth may be a possible threat, but the rewards outweigh the risks and we outnumber them in every way anyway.
  • Dravimos: Yeah, don't do that. You really don't want to do that.
  • D8: Like he said. Don't even try it. You really don't want to do that.
  • Azraninas: Those Delegates die, we go to war. End of Story. The Entire SPA will be granted access of the Azaranian Warp engines, you really don't want to do that.
  • D8: The Empire offers the superlaser to the Azanarians for time being to help against the Terrans. We warn the ISC and the Terrans not to try anything, because then they will suffer the wrath of the Empire and the strength of the superlaser and microlaser. We also offer the firewall technology to the Azanarians.
  • Dravimos: We have a plan to rescue the hostages on Sedna, but to do it we would need Regenetech teleportation technology. May we please use it?
  • RE: OK.
  • Wait a minute. The D8 is already there. They can just take everyone's delegates of the planet and return them to their respective planets.

The Capitol

  • D8: MESSAGE FROM US TO EVERYONE ELSE: ISC has taken Sergei-VX-911 (Jnudeelq). We have four options. Either we:
    • A: Take it by force.
    • B: Ask them if we can have it back.
    • C: Obliterate the planet.
    • or
    • D: Move our capital somewhere else. We suggest Triton for this purpose.
  • D8: AGAIN: We suggest asking them nicely first if we can have it back. If they say no, the necessary course of action will be taken.
  • Dravimos: We have asked them to vacate the system. If they do not, then we will take it by force.
  • D8: Yes. We will have a firewalled fleet around there and offer you the firewall. All you have to do is give the word. All the technology we have can be used by you during wartime.

Battle for Earth

  • Dravimos: Other races, Earth and the Human Race are currently the victims of attacks by the Terran Empire. The situation is dire, and we need all the help we can get to preserve this new and "innocent" race.
  • D9: We know that we do not advocate genocide, but we may have to resort to it in the future. We have three of our four naval sector ships in the Sol System, which is nearly a good 70 MILLION SHIPS. I think we might have to blockade their home system.
  • Dravimos: No genocide, render them unable to fight perhaps, but genocide, no. We can debate this once we defeat them, but not now. We need to protect Earth and our Home Systems, can you help with that? We have many ships if you need more of those.
  • Salaamberia: we wish to rejoin the SPA as an observer. the ISC has officially been disbanded, and the president of the company was handed over to the Arazanians for execution. I would not classify the mechs as a race- they are only programmed to expand and self replicate- this is why they wanted the forge in the first place. they cannot comprehend empathy for any other species, so they must be destroyed. I suggest EMPs.
  • Dravimos: You are accepted. The mechs just need to learn not to interfere with other races that want to be left alone. Unfortunately, that might mean war.


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