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The Senone Repubic
Senone Republic
13 AD - 839 AD SenoneFlagVV.png
SenoneFlagVV.png SenoneCOA.png
Flag of the Senone Republic Coat of arms
Capital Senona
Languages Gaulish language
Religion Paganism
Government Monarchy
 •  247 - 229 BC Enorac (first)
Historical Era Era One, Era Two, and Era Three
 •  Senone Centralization 3rd century BC 247 BC
 • Senone-Boii War 324 - 322 BC
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 •  Disestablished 839
 •  1 AD est. 500,000 
Currency Senone Arksor

The Senone Republic was a powerful nation existing in northern Italy. It was formed after the Fall of Rome and the Senone-Boii war, and is generally considered to have centralized as an indirect result of these two conflicts. During its existence, it had large amounts of influence over the Gallic states, and to a lesser extent, over the rest of Italy. It was also one of the richest nations in the world during its time, lagging behind only Carthage and Orleans. Eventually however, despite its democratic model, it was reformed during the 1167 uprisings.



After the victory against the boii tribe, the Senone naturally gravitated toward centralization. During this period, several people attempted to grab power, but only one was able to effectively manage it. Enorac moved the entire tribe on a path toward statehood starting with the establishment of a currency. In addition, he encouraged the growth of villages into cities, and the small, disorganized force the Senone had into an army. Within several years, the Senone had centralized enough to form the Senone Republic.

Centralization of Europe

After its official formation, the Senone Republic began looking for ways to expand its influence across the world. The way the nation ultimately decided to do this was mass trade into western Europe. This quickly became a massive wealth generator for the nation, and soon the the northern regions of the Senone Republic were essentially reliant on trade. Over time, this had the unintentional side effect of creating centralized states across western Europe, mostly in the northern reaches. This trade would come to define both of these regions, and lead to the development of the world as a whole.


As the Senone grew in power and economic influence, the centralized power began to expand northward, across northern Italy. This led to the creation of many more cities, which were used extensively for trade, and allowed the population to skyrocket. Not only that, but dominance over northern Italy made the Senone Republic a much more influential player in the affairs of Etrusca and Safineim. This would show in the Third Safinei war, were Senone soldiers changed the balance of various battles more than once. Overall, this Expansion would be a great thing in the long term the Senone, and would eventually help them become a dominate player in European politics.

However, while this expansion would be very beneficial to the Senone Republic in the long term, it would severally hurt in the short term. The Senone government invested far too much in infrastructure, and as a result nearly bankrupted themselves. Meanwhile, trading on the frontier initially went terribly - Slavic and Germanic tribes were far more prone to raiding than trading. This was a massive blow to the Senone economy, and the massive investment in Germanic trade even interrupted their trade with the Gallic cities. This meant, in essence, that short term, this project would be economically devastating, but would make up for it eventually.

Trade and Economic Boom

The Peaceful Time

War With Dardanian Etrusca




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