The Senone Empire was a nation in Italy and Cisalpine Gaul.


Invasion of Rome

In 386 BC, the Senones under Brennus invaded Rome. They successfully took Veii and won the Battle of Allia. In 385 BC, they invaded and took the Palatine,Aventine, and Capitoline hills in the Battle of the Palatine Hill. After conquering the Romans, they granted independence to the Volscian and Sabine rebels. The other hill tribes were annexed beside the Falerians who were given client status.

Unification under Brennus

In 380 BC, the Senones were united under Brennus. Although some tribes opposed him, he defeated them. The Unification was completed when the last Senone tribes submitted to Brennus. Brennus then became the first Senone Emperor.

Wars against the Etruscans and Veneti

After the unification, the Senones fought the Veneti. The Senones lost the war and had to cede territory to the Veneti. The Senones then fought the Etruscans. The Etruscans, being divided, had to form an alliance. The Senones defeated the Etruscans and gained all Etruscan land North of the Appenines, excluding Corsica which was given to Carthage.

Revenge against the Veneti

After defeating the Etruscans,the Senones allied with the Boii and started upgraded the military.In 320 BC,the Boii and Senones invaded the Veneti.They won many battles and forced the Veneti to sign the Treaty of Venice.This stated that the Senones shall remain lost land and a bit more and that all of Veneti territory outside of OTL Veneto goes to the Boii.Shortly after in 250 BC,the Veneti joined the Boii Union ending the Veneti.

Revolts against the Boii

In 200 BC,many tribes revolted against the Boii.By 170 BC,many tribes (including the Veneti) had broken free.In 150 BC,the Western Boii broke away from the Boii Confederacy.In 120 BC,the North Boii (in the capital Milan) captured the Northern Lands.In 100 BC,the Boii and Senones agreed to recognize the North and West Boii and the Veneti.

Creation of the Cisalpine Empire under Brennus III

In 90 BC,the weak Boii Union joined the Senone Empire.The Empire was at this time under Brennus III,the Unifier.In 60 BC,the West Boii and the North Boii formed the Second Boii Confederacy and invaded the Senones.By 50 BC the North Boii had been conquered and the Second Boii Confederacy was disbanded.In 40 BC,the Senone Empire changed its name to the Cisalpine Empire and reorganized itself into a Federal State.In 20 BC,the Etruscans were conquered and the Appenine People were annexed.In 11 AD,the North Boii and Veneti were conquered.The Cisalpines have plans to conquer all of Italy.

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