森呐 增萊
Senna Zenglai
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Senna Zenglai
Zenglai as general

Supreme Leader of the Earth Empire
1 January 2000 – 1 January 2000

Predecessor: Kuvira Laghima

High General of the Earth Empire
1990 – 2000

Predecessor: Title established
Successor: Title abolished

President of the United Republic of Tiangong

1 January 2000 – 2 February 2000

Predecessor: None (herself as Supreme Leader)
Successor: Sandra Ascalon

Vice-President of the United Republic of Tiangong
5 December 1989 – 16 March 1990

Successor: None
Born: 1966
Lu Shimazhao, United Republic
Died: 14 March 2002 (aged 36)
Lu Shimazhao
Religion: None
Profession: Politician, general, military officer
Senna Zenglai (Chinese: 森呐 增萊) was a United Republic military officer, politician and general who was High General, and the second-in-command of Kuvira Laghima, the Great Uniter and Supreme Leader of the Earth Empire. She briefly served as the de facto Supreme Leader of the Earth Empire, for one day, before abolishing it and declaring the United Republic of Tiangong reinstated. She then served as acting President for one month, before resigning.

Zenglai virtuously believed in Kuvira and obeyed her every command, and originally refused to surrender control of the Earth Empire, considering it her duty to continue what Kuvira started. She was brought to see reason by James Virtanis, Kuvira's adoptive father. Zenglai died in 2002, reportedly after suffering from a major depression.

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