Senkaku Islands dispute
Ship 2339421b
Japan Coast Guard ship in a standoff with a China Marine Surveillance Vessel, Sept. 2012.
Date September 2012 - present (ongoing)
Location Senkaku Islands, East China Sea
Status Ongoing
Japan nationalizes the Senkaku Islands (Sept. 2012)
Flag of Japan Japan

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Flag of the United States United States

Flag of the People's Republic of China China Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (ROC)

The Senkaku Islands dispute is a territorial dispute between Japan, China, and Taiwan regarding the Senkaku Islands (Daiyou in Chinese) in the East China Sea. Tensions flared when Japan nationalized these uninhabited islands in September 2012. For the years to come, Chinese ships and aircraft would infringe Japan's sovereign EEZ resulting in intercepts and chases. The United States has stated it will not take sides in a conflict and urged all parties involved to come up with a peaceful solution, however, military analysts think the U.S. would be undoubtedly involved due to its alliance and defense pact with Japan. Japan has already been conducting marine, naval, air, and amphibious exercises within the area - often times along with the United States.


Chinese activists with PRC and ROC flags land on a disputed island.