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Flag Senegambia (VegWorld)
Official languages none (Wolof is dominant)
Capital Dakar
Largest Cities Dakar: 1,649,000
Serrekunda: 523,000
Banjul: 316,000
Population 8,647,000
HDI 0.904
Nation formed
Currency Senegambian Pound (SGP)
Our Timeline Equivalent Senegal, The Gambia, northern Guinea Bissau, southern Mauritania, a bit of western Mali

Senegambia is the most developed nation in Western Sub-Saharan Africa, and one of the nations in Africa with the highest standard of living. It also has one of the highest percentages of vegetarians in Sub-Saharan Africa.



69% Non-Vegetarian
31% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

40% Wolof
18% Fula and Tukulor
14% Serer
10% Mandinke
07% Lebou
04% Jola
03% Soninke
02% Bassari
02% others


47% Wolof
16% Pulaar
13% Serer
07% Manding languages
17% other languages


74% Muslim
10% Non-religious
08% Christian
07% Indigenous religions
01% others

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