Sendi Order
Sendi OrderSymbol
Title of leader Grand Master
Governing body Sendi High Council
Other positions •Sendi Master
•Sendi Knight
•Sendi Apprentice
•Sendi Initiate
Headquarters Temple of Nadast (pre-9750 BBC)

Sendi Temple (post-9750 BBC)

Language(s) Chrelytian (sacred language)

•Nadasti (most commonly used)

Holy text Sendi Code
Relics Holocrons
Date of foundation 100,000 BBC
Notable members Anakin Skylighter
Sophie Danai
Sky Nadast
Zane Nadast
Barriss Coffie
Joash III
 The Sendi Order is an ancient peacekeeping organization unified by the belief and observance of The Force, specifically the light side. They are well known for their plasma-weapons, the lightsaber.